Cooking with Tahini

Cooking with Tahini

Are you one of those people who bought a jar of Tahini for that one recipe and now have a full jar in the fridge and don’t know what to do with it???

Most people know Tahini is derived from sesame seeds and has the texture of a creamy nut butter. Tahini also has some great health benefits such as antioxidants and has several important vitamins and minerals on top of being fairly low in calories.

Here are 5 ways to use it:

As a dip for your veggies or dressing for your salad: Adding cold water and a dash of lemon, garlic and some of your favorite herbs can make for an amazing salad dressing or a healthy dip for your vegetable sticks!

On your Falafel: If your a falafel lover, you know tahini is perfect to drizzle on top alongside roasted garlic potatoes!

On Toast and inside wraps: Tahini can act as an alternative to hummus or mayo, spread it on toast with fried tomatoes, avocado and greens or inside the wrap you bring for lunch.

Baking: Tahini can also be a great addition to baking such as breads and cookies for that nutty flavor. It also adds that moisture that makes brownies so good.

In your Mains: Looking for more ways to add some creaminess to your stir-fry, pasta or curry-like dishes. Add a tablespoon or two and you’re good to go!

Make Tahini a staple in your Plant-Based cupboard, it is so versatile and can add creativity to many dishes. Once you start using it you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Keep an eye out for some new recipes to come where I will be incorporating this amazing ingredient!

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