Saucy Tofu Pita

Saucy Tofu Pita


  • 1 Block of Extra Firm Tofu
  • Pitas
  • BBQ Sauce of Choice
  • Fresh Kale
  • Sprouts
  • Micro Greens
  • Vegan mayo


  • Wrap tofu in a few layers of paper towel and place on a cutting board with a heavy item on top to press out the excess liquid- another cutting board works well. Leave for at least an hour.
  • Pre- heat oven to 400′
  • Cut tofu into 1 inch cubes
  • Place tofu onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and cook on the middle rack for 30 mins until a nice golden brown, flip halfway through.
  • Wash and prepare kale, sprouts and micro greens.
  • Once the tofu is nice and crispy toss with a small amount of your favorite BBQ sauce.
  • Heat a frying pan to medium- high and fry tofu for a couple minutes on each side for extra crisp.
  • Place finished tofu in a bowl and toss in some more of your favorite BBQ sauce and set aside.
  • Cut pitas in half, add mayo, sprouts, kale, micro greens and top with your BBQ tofu.


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